Cheap bridesmaid dresses NZ

First I’d like to say congratulations again to my cousin Jhem who is getting married in a months time! As part of my ‘bridesmaid duties’, I have been searching for some cheap bridesmaid dresses. Now, I have searched for hours and hours for the perfect dresses that are both cheap and have decent material. I noticed that there are many blog posts on this for other countries but hardly any for New Zealand! So, for the ‘brides on a budget’ or ‘brides with a huge bridal party’ here are some sites/dresses that I’ve found have cheap, fashionable bridesmaid dresses.



This site is definitely on the top of my list. They have sales all the time, shipping is only $11 to NZ (sometimes free), and the dresses are quite cute. I bought the one below for $35 on sale. Appropriate maxi dresses for weddings a generally $45+.




These maxi dresses are generally a little bit more expensive than BooHoo but still reasonable with prices from $50+. Shipping is also free for NZ if your cart is $75+.




Their maxi dresses range from $60+ (not including sale items, which can be $35+). Shipping is also free for shopping carts $75+. These guys also have lovely maxi dresses and lots of pretty floral prints. Perfect if your getting married in the summer. I don’t know why, but I LOVE this tropical one!




Keeping the kids entertained at your wedding

We had a lot of kids involved in our wedding. In fact, we had as many flower girls and page boys as we had bridesmaids and groomsmen. Altogether there were four families with kids and we wanted to keep them as entertained as we could to save the parents sanity. So here’s 5 things I did to keep kids entertained at my wedding.


Outdoor games

This is a photo of the groomsmen playing connect four, so as you can see it entertained the adults as well as the kids. We hired four outdoor games for our wedding; connect four, Jenga, croquet and chess. These games were meant to keep the kids entertained during afternoon tea, although they hurried back to them after dinner. If you have kids coming to your wedding and you don’t have time or money to organize anything else, hire these, the parents will thank you afterwards. 


The kids that were old enough had a table separate to the adults. On the table, I put some big Lego blocks. If you have kids that may swallow little things don’t put regular Lego. The kids played with these while they were waiting for their food. They also made creations for my husband and me, which was really cute.

Activity book pack

Activity book packs were another thing I put on the kid’s table. I’m really annoyed that I didn’t get a photo of these. But basically, I put an activity book, a colouring book, and a small pack of colouring pencils in a large pencil-case. I wrapped these up and put their names on the top so they would feel extra special. Some of the kids had to travel quite a long way to get home so I thought it might be handy for the plane ride home as well.


What more is there to say? Kids love bubbles. I put these on the kid’s table and asked my aunt to tell them to play with them outside. This was a special for the younger kids as it gave them something to keep them occupied when they finished their dinner.



Get the kids up onto the dance floor, especially your little flower girls. They will love that you want to dance with them and have fun twirling around in their puffy princess dresses. The kids will definitely surprise you with their dancing skills.

Photography: Marque Brand Studios

Tips to save money and still have your dream wedding

I cringe every time I think about how expensive weddings are. Just mention the word ‘wedding’ and the price will probably double. For those of you who are wondering how much our wedding cost and how we broke up our budget, I’ll include all that in another post. Because today I want to tell you guys about some of the things I did to save money and still have the wedding of my dreams.


Buy a second-hand wedding dress

The original price of my wedding dress was $5900 NZD. It was designed by Jane Yeh and was made the same year I bought it. I purchased it for less than half the price and the dress and veil were already dry cleaned. Needless to say, I am an advocate for second-hand wedding dresses, it’s worth the savings.

DIY your invitations

These days there are so many wedding invitation templates, really good ones. If you’re not too picky about your invitations, do them yourself. I bought pocket invitations and lace to add to the overall elegance. I spent around $150 on my invitations and reveled in the savings.


Buy cheap wedding heels

Trust me when I say your heels are going to get wrecked on your wedding, especially if you’re having a garden wedding or taking photos outside. My wedding heels were $15 NZD and they were incredibly dirty by the time we made it to the reception. Ladies, it’s not like your guests will really see them anyway.

Skip the order of service cards

Personally I thought that printing order of service cards for each person was a bit excessive. Rather, I printed an order of service on A3 paper and framed it so guests could have a look on the way to the reception. This was a cheaper option for me as I had a lot of frames left over from previous events I’ve organised. So if you find some cheap frames or have some floating around I’d advice doing this.

Have a framed seating chart

Similar to my advice above, print out a seating chart and frame it or write it on a chalkboard rather than buying place cards.

Photography: Marque Brand Studios

My biggest wedding regrets

My wedding day was perfect, pretty much every bride would say that about their wedding day. But if I was to do it all over again there are DEFINITELY a few things I would change. So let me share with you a few of my biggest wedding regrets.


Settling for bridesmaid dresses
Don’t settle for what’s easiest. When my bridesmaids and I went dress shopping we found a dress that was quite close to what we wanted and on sale. So I just went for it and purchased them right then and there. Mistake. Make sure you absolutely love your bridesmaid’s dresses before you make the purchase, you’ll thank me for it later.

Having my wedding on a weekday
It’s simple really. People have work, people will leave before you even get the chance to thank them for coming. That’s what happened at our wedding, and I was inevitably disappointed. Because we were planning our wedding in three months, and the venue of my dreams is usually booked out a year before, I settled for a weekday. Although in my opinion if you have a choice, opt for a weekend, it’s worth the extra money.

Not having a ‘first look’ and bridal photography before the ceremony
Not only would these have been a great start to the day, but it would’ve also given me more time to our guests. I feel like I didn’t get to see even half of our guests as a result. Although, if you were having the wedding on a weekend and your guests are likely to stay quite late, I don’t think this would be a problem.


Going natural with makeup

I don’t normally wear makeup, so going natural with my makeup seemed like a no-brainer. Although looking back I wish I had some element of boldness within my makeup, maybe a bolder lip colour? I mean, how often are you going to get professional photography? You might as well go bold and brave with it.

Not making a list for the photographer
I was super happy with the range of photos we were given from our photographer, they were amazing. But brides please remember, your photographer is not a mind reader if you want certain photos then make a list. Especially if you opt to save money by getting a less experienced photographer. They might not have enough experience in knowing what photos bride and grooms value the most. I didn’t do this and missed out on a few photos I would’ve loved to have.

Apply mosquito repellent

I had everything I needed for the wedding in ‘emergency boxes’ and this included mosquito repellent. Although I didn’t take the time to put it on. BIG MISTAKE. If you are having your wedding outside or taking pictures outside, remember to actually apply repellent before you do ANYTHING. Especially if you are taking photos with sparklers, because you will have to stay quite still for the photos to come out good. While this photo was taken I was being eaten alive by mosquitos and ended up with rashes everywere… not good for the honeymoon.

Photography: Marque Brand Studios