DIY tissue paper numbers/letters

I absolutely love creating┬áthese tissue paper letters! And something amazing about them is that they don’t require many supplies. If you’re a typically crafty person it is possible that you will have all the supplies lying around the house. These don’t necessarily have to be ‘numbers’. You could make ‘A & S’ for a couple’s engagement party or these would also be lovely for a cute baby shower. I made these for my friend’s 20th birthday and they made a perfect backdrop for some cute photos as well.


  • cardboard (size is dependent on preference)
  • string
  • scissors
  • tissue paper
  • hot glue gun
  • pen or permanent marker


Find some cardboard, it doesn’t have to look pretty cause you’ll be covering it in cute flowers anyway!


Draw the numbers/letters you want onto the cardboard. I sketched the numbers in pencil first and then drew over it in permanent marker. Although if you are making smaller numbers/letters you could print the outline on paper and then trace it onto cardboard.


Cut out your numbers/letters slightly inside the lines you drew and don’t worry too much about getting it perfect at this point.


Cut the tissue paper into rectangles and use at least five layers. The smaller you cut the rectangles, the smaller your tissue paper flowers will be.


Accordion fold the tissue paper. So make a fold in the tissue paper, then turn over and a make another fold the same size. Repeat this until there is no tissue paper remaining.


Cut a piece of your string long enough to tie around the middle of the accordion-folded tissue paper.



Gently pull the first layer out on either side of the string.

Fold out every layer and fluff up your cute flower.


Position your tissue paper flowers on the cardboard numbers/letters so you have a good idea of where you want to place them and how ‘fluffy’ you want your letters to be. If you want your letters to be more ‘fluffy’ then place them closer together and if not then place them further apart.

Place hot glue on the bottom of the flowers and glue them to the cardboard. The amazing thing about this project is nothing has to be perfect, you can mess it up a little and it will still look super cute! Once you have finished gluing them on, feel free to trim the cardboard in any areas where it may be showing and tidy it up a little. When this is done you have some super cute decorations for your next party!